About Us

We are a processing plant tropical fruit, located in the center of the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, for the packaging of fresh fruits and production of juices, concentrates, pulps and all derivatives of coconut industries juices and beverages, hospitality, food services and distributors, being globally competitive in quality and price and providing our customers the variety and flexibility in fruits and packaging, as well as compliance time and quantities of orders.



Our Team

We have a highly trained to work in the development of products designed to suit the taste and needs of our clients, in their own private label or crew.





We operate under the regime of Zona Franca Special and we have HACCP, BASC, KOSHER and ISO22000 certifications. Our country is a signatory of FTAs among which are the United States-Central America-Dominican Republic (CAFTA-DR), the Caribbean (LAC RD CARICOM) and the European Union (AAE).




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Consorcio Cítricos Dominicanos is an Tropical Fruit processing plant, part of Grupo Rica, recognized as the largest producer of juices and dairy products from the Dominican Republic, one of the most important companies in the Caribbean region.

Established since 1986, has 3,000 hectares planted with Valencian Oranges, Lemon Persian type, Pineapple, Tangerine and Passion Fruit. CCD produces juice concentrates and pulps of high quality domestic and international customers, a fundamental part of their raw materials and guarantee quality of its brands.

Our plant has the latest technology, allowing us to process fresh fruits, preserving them as frozen, canned or aseptic products, as well as a highly competitive to work closely with our customers in the product development team.

CCD operates under the scheme of Special Free Zone and is certified HACCP, BASC and SQF KOSHER; offering a personalized service, with punctual deliveries becoming your best business ally.